Fisheries Research Institute (FRI) continues its work on the research program “The Fishing Cultural Heritage of NE Aegean Sea” part of the EU HORIZON 2020 program PERICLES – PrEseRvIng and sustainably governing Cultural heritage and Landscapes in European coastal and maritime regions.

The first year of work has been completed! The exploration and recording of Fishing Cultural Heritage of NE Aegean Sea rendered rich results. Archaeological finds, archival sources, oral history and also the embodied experience of several generations of fishing families provide rich evidence on the history of fishing in the area and of the distinct “fishing soul” of the place. Help by sensitive, generous local historians, individuals and institutions, has been invaluable. Today, the fishing communities in the area face serious challenges and the future prospects are still unclear. We turned to youth of the area through their schools and the Environmental Awareness program. Pupils and their teachers took up the role of the researcher, collected data, grappled with them and expressed themselves through art. This program will continue in the coming school year.